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Top 10 Best Football Shoes under Rs 2000

Wearing a good and comfortable pair of Football Boots will improve your Football Game to a great extent. Comfortability is the most important factor and therefore always choose the right size of football boots for you.

Here you will find the best football shoes under Rs 2000, that is extremely comfortable and will offer a great playing experience.

Best Football Shoes under Rs 2000

Football is the second most popular sport after Cricket in India. Football (Indian) or soccer needs a very minimum amount of equipment. We can start playing this sport with just a football and a good pair of football boots. You can find Some of the best football shoes under Rs 2000 in our post.

So, we have selected the best football shoes suiting your budget requirements in India. Our recommended shoes are applicable for strikers, midfielders, artificial turf, and kickers, including all feet types.

How To Pick The Right Football Boots For The Right Surface?

Best football shoes for indoor playing:

An indoor football shoe typically contains a gum rubber flat sole. They’re created for taking part in indoor football or futsal during a gymnasium or rec facility, however, it also works for leisure and streetwear. Indoor soccer shoes have a lower profile work and appearance like a light-weight sneaker.

Best football shoes for artificial grass or hard ground:

Artificial grass shoes are pretty almost like firm ground cleats simply with lots of additional studs that are shorter for higher support. The studs on artificial grass or hard ground football shoe are typically rubber made and designed to be extremely durable.

Best football shoes for soft ground and pro soft ground:

The soft or muddy surface needs an additional grip and so adjustable metal studs are used. Several soft ground boots with their exchangeable and removable studs are made-to-order for enjoying conditions and fields.

Pro soft ground football game cleats are a jazz group of fixed studs and are traditional detachable soft ground cleats. They’re ideal to be used on wet and muddy fields where more traction is required.

Which are the best football shoe brands in India?

All the top brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, Nivia, etc. all offer their top quality shoes in India. All these brands are available online as well as offline and you can buy its shoes from Amazon or you can go to your nearest showroom.

But be aware of quality, before buying the shoes. Do check shoe quality and its material because so many same copies are available in the market.

NOTE: Many other companies are also providing football studs at a low price and are not popular like top companies but it doesn’t imply that they’re not good as popular brands.

Top 10 Best Selling Football Shoes Under 2000 in India 2017

Following is that the list of the best soccer shoes accessible in India forms high brands.

1. Puma Men’s Football Boots



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This Puma Men Football shoe is the best shoes in this range. Gives you an excellent grip while playing in any field. This Puma shoe gives you amazing strength to shoot. Good looking and stylish football shoes with a premium look. Must buy if you are looking for football boots under the budget Rs 2000.

2. Adidas Men’s Copa 17.4 in Football Boots


Adidas Football Shoes


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If you are looking for a good Brand then Adidas football shoes under 2000 are a great option. Shoe available under rs 2000 in Adidas is, Adidas Men’s Copa 17.4.

It offers you a very good grip for indoor wooden as well as mat courts but it does not support play in Muddy ground. It provides you excellent fitting so that you can play well, and is also suitable for wide legs.

3. Puma Men’s Evospeed 17.4 Fg Football Boots


Puma Football Shoes


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One of the world’s leading sports brands, Puma believes in standing on the same playing field as the fastest athletes on the planet. With a mission of forever faster, Puma comes up with this Shoe, Puma men’s evospeed 17.4 Fg

This football shoe can be used for a casual football match. Recommended to play in normal playing ground, it does not suit play in Muddy ground.

4. Nivia Destroyer Football Shoes


Vector Destroyer Football Shoes


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This is the 4th best football shoes under the budget of Rs 2000. Nivia is one of the most popular brands in football related items of football accessories. This Shoe is absolutely an excellent choice.

It carries good finishing touch as well as is very light weighted boot and flexible too. These studs are very good, they are very Comfortable and up to the mark.

This shoe is highly recommended to wingers and attacking midfielders, also these boots are only for the fast feet players. Whereas, if you have a wide foot then don’t worry this shoe works for you too.

You should definitely go with this shoe and don’t waste your money for other fancy shoes.

5. Puma Men’s Classic FG Football Boots


Puma Football Shoes


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Puma men’s classic FG football shoe is 5th best shoes in this list. This shoe is comfortable and beautiful to look at it. However, get a size smaller than your casual shoe size i.e. if you wear 9 in casual wear then get an 8 in this. It is going to feel tight initially but it will take up the size of your feet after some time, so not to worry.

6. Nivia Dominator  Football Studs


Nivia Dominator 1158GR05 Football Studs


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Nivia Dominator is one of the most popular football shoe brand and is one of my favorite brand. This shoe is perfect for hard ground.

If you are beginner then this shoe is a must for you. If you will play a football match wearing this shoe, then you will literally understand how good it is in its performance. It won’t hurt your foot.

Stitchless shoe body makes it 100% waterproof. One piece upper and sole offers freedom from sole-upper pasting issues. This shoe offers full value for money and is best on this list.

7. Nivia Men’s Blue and Green Football Shoes


Nivia Men's Blue and Green Football Shoes


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This shoe is quite nice one. The color is nice and very bright. It is good for all-purpose related to football.

It has a very bright fluorescent sole. Rough play does not affect it too much. These shoes are good for training purposes and therefore it is one of the best shoe to break the deal with.

This shoe offers great value of Money and is the best Shoes under the budget of Rs 2000.

8. Vector X Killer Football Shoes


Vector X Killer Football Shoes


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Vector X Killer is the 8th Best football boots in this list. It has TPU sole it is not plastic it can be used on the ground only, it is not good for a concrete floor or mussy ground.

It is very Comfortabl,e but heel or sole of these shoes is not that much good. This shoe is good for playing on the ground it is comfortable and is best for shooting and practicing for skills.

9. Nivia Oslar Football Shoes


Nivia Oslar Football Shoes


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Nivia oslar blade shoe is comfortable and Durable shoe. Its PU synthetic leather upper for incredible ball feel and reduced weight.

Its sole is TPU type which helps the player push off and accelerate with maximum efficiency. It Distributes stud pressure and offers maximum traction during lateral movements.

It is not good for the rainy season because it takes long time toget dry and gets really heavy when wet. Lightweight and comfortable when it is dry.

10. Mizuno Men’s Monarcida Fs Md Football Boots



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Its midsole material uses a cushion foam in the and is very lightweight and durable. Its upper material uses synthetic and mesh.

The outer sole is made up of rubber. The Monarcida is a low height and ankle shoe. Within this range, it is one of the best football shoe I have ever used. It is quite comfortable as well as looks good.

If you ask any footballer, they will say that choosing the right kind of boots or cleats or Shoes for football is an important decision which they always have to make carefully.

Football boots that football players wear are one of their weapon for a successful match.

However, it wouldn’t be easy for you to find the best shoes that will provide you a real advantage in the game. Whereas, if your budget is a bit low then you may go for Best Football Shoes Under Rs 1000.

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