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Top 10 Best Football Shoes Under Rs 1000 in India 2018

Many people when they are going to buy football shoes/Boots/cleats/studs from shoe store, sports shop or any mall, they became confused because there they see many popular football brands shoes, and selecting one of them is not easy, so we have the list of top 11 best football shoes under 1000 Which will help you choose a good football shoe according to your needs. But before starting our top 10 best football shoes under 1000 list, know some important information about football shoes that will help us to take the right one.

best football shoes under 1000

The right football shoes can help you be a good player by gripping the ground and helping you control the ball. football shoes are lightweight and made for ease in running over different types of surfaces. A proper fit is key to helping you handle the ball and protect your feet while you play.

Best football shoes in India under 1000 rupees

In this list, we have covered the best cheap football boots from rs 500 to 1000 so easily everyone can get a good pair of shoe. To get traction in a different type of surfaces different type of sole plates are used. Hard ground shoes, soft ground shoes, and indoor practice shoes are different. They differ in use of adjustable/fixed studs, sole shapes, sole material etc. So you need to choose based on the surface you play on.

You can choose football shoes from top brands in India like Nike, Adidas, Nivia, puma etc. But other less known companies are also making quality shoes. These are available at less price & it does not mean that they are not as good as popular brands.

Football Shoes Price Comparision Table

1. Nivia Pro Encounter 4 Football Shoes For Men

Nivia Pro Encounter 4 Football Shoes For Men

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If you are looking for the best football shoes under 1000 then nivia pro encounter is a great choice at that budget. This football stud available in 2 colors orange and blue you can go with anyone which one you like most. This shoe has TPU outsole for Synthetic turf and hard Ground playing. Pro encounter 4 football shoes perform very well on the ground. It helps you to run faster and prevent the injuries.

2. Nivia Dominator Football Shoes

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In our list of Best Football Shoes under Rs 1000, this stud comes in 2nd place. Dominator series of products are designed to match the stringent standards required by professional sportspersons. They have been developed after understanding game and rigorous review from the top level players.

3. Nivia Men’s Blue and Green Football Boots

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4. Nivia Premier Carbonite Range Football Studs (Black/Orange)

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This Nivia Premier Carbonite is The Best Seller in Football Shoes Category and Nice studs and too comfortable after some use it will be comfortable because it is a bit tight from the toes best shoes and Shoe fitting and size of the Shoes is ok. Looks good. For narrow and thin footed players, it’s the best shoe in this price category.

5. Nivia Ditmar Football Shoes

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Nivia is underestimated in the Indian sports market but trust me they are one of the best available there. None of the Nivia products have ever disappointed me and these pair of boots were one of the best out there. I play as a forward and its good for shooting, passing and everything. You cannot stop running/ moving in those boots. The color is even better than the pictures. Excellent comfort. The studs are extremely good. If you are looking for a good shoe within this price range, don’t even bother to think. Just go for them. I don’t think there are many better shoes within this price range.

6. Sega Spectra Football Shoes (Red)

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This Sega Spectra Football shoe is Also a Good Choice for you if you want shoes for daily practice. Light Weight and Stylish which gives you a classy look During Football Match. If you want Good Quality Shoes in Cheap Then, This Shoe is Good Choice for you.

7. Nivia Destroyer Argentina Football Shoes

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Nivia Destroyer Argentina Football studs are very good. It perfectly fits. The color was very good as it doesn’t fade away. It’s very good than I thought. It lasted very long because after 1 year of regular use it will be in  perfect condition

8. Nivia Radar-I Football Shoes

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The Nivia football shoe comes in all sizes with an attractive design and here is the NIVIA Radar-I Football Shoes, the outer material is of PVC with geometric heel printing. The shoe is available with graphics printing. Available with a rubber sole. The pair looks graceful while wearing.

9. Nivia Premier Cleats Men’s Football Shoes

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Nivia is a brand I like in football for a long time and this product keeps my expectations about that. Overall a good product worth the price. One thing to note is that, since the bottom of the boot is of TPU (glassy) material, it suits turf grounds more and not that suitable for soft mud grounds. Really perfect for the beginners and also to the advanced players in football. They a very good grip. Also, we don’t get any kind of hurt or injury to our legs.

10. Nivia Destroyer2.0 Football Shoe

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The Nivia Destroyer 2.0 Football Shoes Reinforced Heel Collar, Textured Outsole, Soft, and Padded Footbed, Overlay Detail, Slightly Cushioned Heel Tab and Collar, Slightly Padded Tongue, Firm Ground Outsole with Fixed 11 Textured Cleats

11. Vector X Dynamic 001 Football Shoes

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Designed for the quickest and most elusive players on the field, this pair of football shoes from Vector X features studs on the sole that provides high traction. Uniquely stylish and trendy, these shoes by Vector X are much more durable, as they are made up of synthetic leather.

Also, consider the position you play & playing style while choosing Best Football Shoes Under 1000 rs. This gives you an extra advantage in your gameplay. For example, it would be good to use more lightweight cleats when you play as a forward or wing position.

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