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Top 10 Best Formal Shoe Brands In India 2019

best formal shoe brands in india


Looking for the best pair of formal shoes from the best shoe brands in India? if yes then you have entered the correct zone. Shoes reflect your personality, your attire is the first thing that marks the first impression on others and so does shoes.

The type of shoes you wear reflects your likes and dislikes, it even does show which brand you prefer most. Formal shoes are best to wear when you go for meetings or interviews. Formal shoes company your style and make you look more confident and bold. As well as are stylish, and best for daily use, party wear, walking, flat feet, and prevents heel, leg pain, and plantar fasciitis.

You should not only focus on the outer look of formal shoes but also look towards its material, sole, inner lining, and finishing as these marks great importance in respect to formal shoes.

So, here we present you popular formal shoe brands 2019 in India for both men and women that are branded formal shoes at lowest price on online and are of the finest quality, are durable and are according to trend and fashion that will suit your style and will reflect your personality very well, as well as of various colors like black, tan, and all other popular colors.

And also the best formal shoes for summer that you can wear during summer as well as formal shoes with and without laces and formal shoes for women western wear like bellies and of black leather.

We have also provided with formal shoes from the top 10 formal shoe brands that will suit every budget that is under rupees 1000 and 2000 so that if you have a low budget then also you can buy from our site’s collection.

Please Read: Here we have provided you with all top leading brands formal shoes for men as well as for women and if you don’t find women’s formal shoes under some brands then it means that brand does not offer the same.

Top 10 Best Formal Shoes Brands List



Best Formal Shoe Brands in India




Bata popular shoe brands 2019


Bata is a shoe brand in India, a Swiss-shoe maker serving globally with its footwear and fashion accessories. It was incorporated as Bata Shoe Company Pvt.Ltd in the year 1931 and then became Bata India Ltd in the year 1973.

It became the first Indian brand to achieve ISO 9001 certification in the year 1993. Its first factory got set up in Batsganj Bihar and then it progressed and grew and laid more manufacturing units in Faridabad (Haryana), Pina (Karnataka) and Hosur (Tamil Nadu).

It serves the world in a large platform and is one of the largest shoe companies in the world and serves more than 70 countries and has manufacturing units in 18 countries and it also handles over 5300 retail stores under it. Bata is one of the biggest shoe brand in the world and acts as the biggest competitor.

Its own loyalty middle-class customer community, it manufactures top quality shoes that complete your style and company you with your confidence and personality. Bata while crafting their shoes always keep in mind the comfort and latest trend and fashion.

They always use the best material to manufacture the sole, and inner lining of the shoes so that the comfort factor won’t worry you. It is a reliable brand in India as till now it’s maintaining its benchmark quality.

Bata shoes are worn by all age groups which has given them a unique advantage in the Indian market. Bata offers various different kinds of shoes like chappal to sandals, boots and even sports shoes of various price ranges that suit the budget of all customers.

Bata shoes are way too comfortable, smart looking and practical. It is one of the popular shoe brand 2019 in India that offers the best formal leather shoes for men.

Bata Shoes For Women




Hush Puppies popular shoe brands 2019


The Hush Puppies brand was founded in the year 1958 to craft a practical method of pigskin tanning for the US military. Hush Puppies is an American shoe brand and is one of the leading shoe brand in the world. This brand was named after the Basset Hound of dogs lovingly called Hush Puppies.

Hush Puppies shoes are known for their lightweight sole and way too comfortable fitting with awesome looks. This brand offers various kinds of formal and casual footwear, of best quality for women, men, and kids.

This brand covers over 160 countries of the world and one of them in India. Hush Puppies formal shoes go with your attire and company you with your style in meetings and various events.





top 10 best formal shoe brands in india


Louis Philipe is an Indian formal shoe brand and an Indian company. It was started in the year 1989. It is a brand provided by the Aditya Birla group.

Louis Philipe offers a variety of formal shoes with quality and material that compliments your style whatever you wear and wherever you go. This brand offers you shoes that are of the latest trend and fashion, they always bring innovation in their shoes so as to make you more bold and confident.

The brand Louis Philipe is very popular among people as it offers shoes of various price ranges having the best quality, durability, and comfort. They craft shoes keeping in mind all the features necessary for shoes so as to provide you with the best product. They also provide you with the best formal shoes for summer that you can wear during summer and look cool and fresh.




clarks pure leather shoes for mens


Clark is an international company, a UK brand. Founded by Cyrus and James Clark n the year 1825. It entered the Indian market in the year 2019 and became one of the most known shoe brand in India and became popular among people. Its headquarters is situated in England.

Clarks is one of the biggest competitors to other leading shoe brands in India. It owns 1000 stand-alone stores and franchises all around the world, and among them, 25 stores are in India.

Clarks offers various top class quality shoes that are awesome in look and style. wear them during your meetings and events all eyes will be on you, it will mark the best impression on others. Clarks design shoes according to the latest trend and fashion. it adds to your confidence. Clarks shoes are durable and reliable.





Red Tape branded formal shoes at lowest price online


It is a brand by Mirza an international company. Red Tape was launched in the market and entered the apparel section in the year 2006.

Dealing in footwear, now it also deals in accessories and apparel like Shirts, Tees, Trousers, Denim, Sweaters, Jackets, and Accessories such as Belts, Socks, Hankies, and Wallets.

Red Tape shoes are known for their premium comfort, fitting, leather quality and wide range of styles. It offers men’s footwear in 3 ranges that are casuals, slippers and sandals, and fashion formals. It offers varieties of shoes that are reasonably priced.

They offer a superior quality buckle in their formal shoes due to their superior craftsmanship, which is easy to handle and can be easily slipped on. It offers you both formal shoes with and without laces. It has studios in the UK and Italy and is endorsed by famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan.





Lee Cooper best leather formal shoes


An English clothing company Lee Cooper brand founded by Morris Cooper and Louis Maister in the year 1908. After getting big success in the clothing sector they step forward to enter the footwear section.

Lee Cooper is a very famous quality shoe brand and famous all over the world. This brand shoes offer assurance for quality and durability. Lee Cooper stands out with its beautifully designed shoes that are according to trend and fashion which way too comfortable and stylish. It is one of the popular shoe brand 2019 in India.

It serves across 70 countries with its varied range of apparel, accessories, and shoes that are beautifully crafted. They include a huge variety of formal leather shoes, casual shoes, and flip-flops that company your attire and confidence and make you look more attractive and elegant.





tresmode premium most comfortable shoes


An Italian brand that designs shoes for both men and women. Tresmode has been one of the top and leading shoe brand all over the world. It entered the Indian market in the year 2001 and became leading top Indian shoe brand and celebrity favorite. Its first store inaugurated in the year 2007 at Mumbai.

This brand offers you various ranges of shoes of fine quality and fitting as well as durability. Its brand development department is headed by famous European footwear designer Emmanuel Rossi. Its shoe styles are often wore by models on ramps of London, Paris, New York, and Milan.

This brand is most loved by people of urban cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai. Tresmode shoes are very comfortable and are crafted with the best material and give you a perfect look that adds to your confidence. It offers you the best formal shoes at the lowest price so go and get your deal first on Amazon.





Alberto Torresi best office shoes brands


A European shoe brand and one of the biggest competitors to top leading shoe brands in India. Their shoes are unique and are way too comfortable and even is priced appropriately.

Alberto Torresi footwear offers you great premium comfort and bold styles of formal shoes. They design their shoes by keeping in mind the fitting and also to provide your heels with a perfect balance and your toes movement freedom.

The shoes offered by them are ones to have them in your collection as they make you look more dominant and confident, wear them at any parties, meetings and important events and catch all eyes on you. They offer you various shades of shoes like shades of black and brown formal shoes.




Woods green formal shoes


Woods is a brand of a famous shoe company woodland. Woodland entered the Indian market in the year 1992.

This brand is well known for its shoes that offer great comfort and fitting not only this but also known for its great quality and durable leather. These shoes suit the best for rough and tough wear that is for outdoor use.

They craft their shoes keeping in mind the trend and fashion so as to provide you the best stylish shoes which accompany you in every event. It offers you shades of best quality black and brown formal shoes.




Red Chief Stylish formal shoes


An Indian brand by Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd launched in the year 1997. Known for its best quality and durable leather shoes. This brand owns its own manufacturing unit and tannery. It provides pure leather shoes for men.

Its shoes are way too affordable and it offers varieties of shoes at decent rates. Its shoes are endorsed by the Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli.

They craft their shoes with great craftsmanship in order to provide you the best leather shoes that you can wear at any event and that adds to your personality and one of the most popular formal leather shoes for men.




hats off formal shoes for men


Hats Off that offers you handcrafted accessories and footwear. They bring you the best quality leather shoes that are awesome in looks and are way too comfortable.

They bring you finished and polished products crafted by expert craftsmen. Hats Off shoes give you the best fitting and craft their shoes keeping in mind about the latest trend and style that are best for office use.

They offer you luxury shoe designs at reasonable prices. They design shoes that fit your personality. And company you and your attire in every meeting and events.




 knotty derby formal shoes


Knotty Derby is one of the leading best formal shoe brands and acts as a tough competitor to other brands in the Indian market. It provides pure leather shoes for men having the best quality.

This brands offer you shoes that are way too stylish, of good quality and at an affordable price. While designing the shoes they always keep in mind the latest trend and comfortable level of the shoes.

They offer a variety of shoes that suits your personality and make you look bolder and handsome, they also bring every time some innovation in their shoes. They bring you shoes that are for the best office use.

13. Ruosh


Ruosh Formal Shoes


Ruosh is a men’s style brand from the house of Sara Suole Pvt. Ltd.

Sara Suole is headquartered in Bangalore and they are the manufactures of shoes, soles and leather goods such as belts, wallets and handbags and RUOSH is a part of the same.

As they are from the leather industry and as an Indian brand they know very well what we want because they are from a very long time in this industry and to keep in mind all these things ruosh produces shoes for indian customer and they provide the best quality formal shoes which are comfy and crafted by the high quality material.


Business Formal Business Casual Elegant Evening Formal



1. COLOR: Color in one of the most important factors while deciding the perfect pair of formal shoes for yourself. Choose those color that suits your taste, personality, style and most importantly your attire.

Go with those colors which suit best your outfit and reflects your taste and preference like shades of black, brown, etc. In this era, various top leading formal shoe brands offer splendid varieties of colors.

A classic pair of shoes is always versatile and is appropriate for every occasion. While going for shoes that bring out your personality look for some of the important points in mind like color contrasting, rhinestones, hidden eyelets, cut out design, wingtip and toe box design.

2. MATERIAL: While breaking the deal with your desired shoes always go for the quality of material that has been used for crafting the pair of shoes. The quality of material like leather signifies shoe durability and can be used regularly.

Good quality leather shoes reflect that shoes are of wear and tear use. A quality leather matters a lot.

A full grain leather has the lowest amount of flaws whereas top leather requires some sanding to correct flaws and low-quality leather is tend to be wrinkled and hold shape for less period of time.

3. FEATURES: Features act as one of the most important parts of the shoe. Always go for shoes that provide the best and more features of good quality.

Look for how good shoe is crafted, how durable the shoe is, as well as seek your attention towards its stitching, sole, looks and weatherproofing.

Always take time to inspect the shoe you are going to break the deal check for frayed stitching, is it comfortable or not,  pay attention to it’s sole and see that the shoe is not discomforting you.

4. COMFORT: The most basic feature while opting for your favorite pair of shoes is a comfort. A bad fitting shoe gives you sore feet and major foot issues.

Opt for those shoes which you can wear for hours and hours and you are comfortable with it. While buying the shoes always look that you are buying the shoes of your size.

A comfortable shoe is way better than a discomforting shoe that you can wear only for a few minutes or an hour. select that shoe that is best in style, good in looks, awesome in fitting and quality in comfort.

Do not forget to comment on any other top leading formal shoe brand that you know or any other awesome formal shoe you have tried, that you want to see in our formal shoe collection.

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